Part 4 – Glicerio P. Santos IV Sold Four INC Prime Properties in Antipolo City for PHP 16.9 Million!

Iglesia Ni Cristo - Silent No More by Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista

Take note, brethren, this is not the father (Bro. JS) but his son, Bro. Glicerio IV aka “GP”. That’s right, one Santos after another, from the same family we featured in a previous article on family dynasty, Ref.

The Santoses have been busy, selling properties bought by our dear former Executive Minister Bro. Erano G. Manalo for the Church. Turning investments of future sites of worship services and Church buildings into cash. Later in this article, we’ll see a possible motivation for this.

I hope this is no longer shocking to you, brethren, because these revelations are not for the faint of heart. And as promised, this is not where it ends. There will be more revelations coming your way soon.

Before we tackle this, here’s a recap of the other properties sold that were presented in previous articles:



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