On Eve Of Philippine Independence Day, BBC’s Stephen Sackur To Interview Top Filipino Personalities

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087360B5-77AF-4D5F-9D70-1C0810A13FE1LONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – On June 12, Filipinos will celebrate the 120th anniversary of their country’s independence — not from the U.S., but from Spain.

While nationwide activities have been planned to commemorate the occasion, BBC has scheduled a marathon interview tonight with top Filipino politicians and celebrities, including those who have been disgraced.

The live interview will feature:

Ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno

About-to-be-ousted Vice President Maria Leonor (Leni) Robredo

Disgraced Opposition Congressman Maria Gary Alejano

Desgraciada television host Maria Kris Aquino

Displaced Rappler CEO Maria Ressa

If there will be enough time during the marathon broadcast, Sackur may also interview Maria Juana Change, Maria Agot Isidro and Maria Raissa Robles.

Ginoong Maria! (Hail Mary!) Grab your popcorn.  It’s going to be a tsunami of a live broadcast from London!

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BBC’s Stephen Sackur Invites Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo For Some Tea

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10B4C023-4DFA-4211-8C64-1018ABBA79FBLONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – It’s strike two for BBC’s Stephen Sackur.  His program ‘Hardtalk’ has now featured Senator Antonio Trillanes and ousted Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno in which he pummelled them with hard-hitting questions they could hardly answer.

In response to overwhelming demand from Filipinos, Sackur has  formally invited Vice President Leni Robredo to be his next guest to discuss national issues and the Duterte government.

Unfornately, Robredo declined the invitation, sayng, “No more questions, just merienda (refreshments).” To which Sackur replied, “Sure, let’s just have some tea.”

“And please bring along Georgina Hernandez.  She seems like an interesting person to talk to,” Sackur added.

No word yet if Robredo has accepted.

(iReporter Crispulo Bacud Tappa contributed to this report)

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Senior Citizens’ Benefits in the Philippines

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If you or your parents and relatives are Senior Citizen ID card holders, you need to know what specific benefits you are entitled to here in the Philippines.  Here is a summary of these privileges and the types of establishments where you can avail of the said benefits.

20% discount and VAT exemption:

  1. Medical-related privileges
    • 20% discount on medicines and drugs, essential medical supplies, accessories and equipment such as:
      • Purchase of eyeglasses
      • Hearing aids
      • Dentures
      • Prosthetics
      • Artificial bone replacements like steel, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, canes.
      • Geriatric diapers.
    • Medical and dental services in private facilities such as:
      • Dental x-rays
      • Computerized tomography scans
      • Blood tests requested by a physician as necessary for diagnosis and / or treatment of an illness or injury.
    • Professional fees for attending physicians, licensed health workers providing home health care services.
  2. Domestic transportation privileges
    • 20% discount and VAT exemption for air and sea travel, including advanced booking.
    • 20%…

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China Is Using Tourism to Hit Taiwan Where It Really Hurts — TIME

Since the 1950s, the National Cultural and Creative Gift Center, which sells traditional handicrafts to tourists in the heart of Taiwan’s capital Taipei, has been a guaranteed moneyspinner. Now its managing director, Teddy Tang, casts a resigned glance over the sales charts, which show how profits plummeted by a stark 55 percent from April to…

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Manila ChinaTown in Binondo has the THE LARGEST CHINATOWN ARCH IN THE WORLD.

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image Manila’s Chinatown

BINONDO, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Apparently not content with its claim over the disputed territory in the South China Sea, the Chinese government today announced it was laying claim over the oldest Chinatown in the world — in Manila!

Manila’s Chinatown, located in and around the Binondo district, was established in the late 1500s. It was built by the Spaniards as a settlement for Catholic Chinese, and was positioned across the Pasig River so that the colonial rulers could keep a close eye on their migrant subjects.  To this day, it continues to be a center of commerce and trade in Manila where all types of businesses are run by Filipinos of Chinese ancestry.

Almost a quarter of the Philippines’ 100 Million population are of Chinese descent, and China is demanding loyalty from them.

The administration of Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino immediately protested the Chinese…

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